Analog Prints


Each print is hand made on fiber based silver paper from film or from digital data through digital negatives.

This process allows to mix the precision of digital tools with the unequalled  quality of true barytpaper print.


Each print is made through a “digital negative” which is as big as the final print. The paper is then contact printed with the negative and developed in the conventional wet darkroom.

The creation of the negative is made according to the client/photograph’s will after deliberation with the printer in order to reach the contrast and structure required.


Technical conditions :
-Picture depth of 16 Bit (Tiff or Raw)
-Resolution of : 300/360 Dpi, the definition
must be compatible with the size of the print
-Pictures from film : scan from a professional
scanner (Imacon, Coolscan…).
We also make High-End scan.


Some papers used : Adox MC 110, Adox Variotone, Ilford IV FB, Ilford Warmtone. Other papers are available on request.

The prints are available from 18x24cm to 50x60cm.


Analog prints